Dustin Johnson and 4Aces GC Claim Team Victory at LIV London

The 4Aces GC led by Dustin Johnson reigned victorious at the LIV London event on July 9, 2023. The 4Aces team played well over the 3-day span, but it was the final day of the tournament that truly sealed their destiny. With a series of impressive birdies and crucial putts, Johnson exhibited nerves of steel, showcasing his ability to rise to the occasion and deliver his best performance under the watchful eyes of a captivated audience.

Furthermore, the success of the 4 Aces GC team at the London Liv Golf Event emphasized the power of collaboration and teamwork in achieving greatness. Their collective efforts and unwavering support for one another exemplified the true essence of sportsmanship, setting an example for future generations of golfers.

Dustin Johnson’s triumph at the London LIV Golf Event, alongside the 4Aces GC team, was a mesmerizing display of skill, determination, and teamwork. Their collective achievement serves as a reminder that greatness is not attained in isolation but through the combined efforts of talented individuals working towards a common goal.

4ACES GC (-34): Patrick Reed 65, Pat Perez 66, Dustin Johnson 67 (Rd. 3 score: -15)